A summary of plugins that are available out-of-the-box for GENE:

  • FOP plugin provides the following:
    • FOP coordinator
      • Accepts: XSL-FO, SVG, PNG, JPEG, GIF
      • Able to produce: Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), PostScript document (PS), Hewlett-Packard PCL document (PCL), FrameMaker MIF document (MIF), Rich Text Format document (RTF), Scalable Vector Graphics XML document (SVG), Plain text document output, Portable Network Graphics bitmap format (PNG), Targa TIFF bitmap format (TIFF)
    • SVG to Image exporter
    • Image to SVG exporter
  • DocBook plugin provides the following:
    • DocBook to XSL-FO exporter
    • DocBook to XHTML exporter
  • MathML plugin provides the following:
    • MathML to Image exporter
    • MathML to LaTeX exporter
  • CML (Chemical Markup Language) provides the following:
    • CML to XSL-FO/SVG exporter
  • XHTML plugin provides:
    • XHTML coordinator
      • Accepts: SVG, MathML, XHTML, PNG, JPEG, GIF
      • Produces: XHTML
      • Specialities: Wraps bitmap images automatically in the <a href=".."/> element. SVG and MathML are copied as-is.
    • XHTML to DocBook exporter

These coordinators are provided by default by GENE:

These exporters are provided by default by GENE:

  • Image to PNG exporter