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Release 1.4.0 - 5.9.2006

The editor is finally released, we hope you'll enjoy it :)kollar, studva, vyzivus
Selections are finally working as expected.kollar, studva
FOP upgraded to the 0.92beta version.vyzivus
A tons of bugs fixed in GENE, a tons of bugs created by refactoring EM2, so don't get too excited yet :)vyzivus
Two non-working exporters added: CML (Chemical Markup Language) to FO/SVG exporter, and XHTML to DocBook exporter. So, if anybody kind enough to look at those XSLT stylesheets is reading this, please look here: and here: (the html2docbook.xslt is at fault).vyzivus
DocBook support added. Currently DocBook IDs are not transferred thus the document is modifiable only via the Outline View, however I'll try to modify that 2 megabyte pack (sigh) of stylesheets to bring you a DocBook WISYWIG Support.vyzivus
Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. This proverb has a lot of truth in it, however I beg you to reconsider this time :). We already fooled you three times by moving the release date, but I ask you to trust us once more - there is major release coming in on August 5th. And it will be done even if I had to work nonstop. I mean it. Free pizza deliveries are welcomed :)vyzivus

Release 1.3.2 - never

I had an awful amount of work with those libraries, however finally they are mature enough to put my sight back on EM2. That brings us to the 'never' release date. It's just that simply too much things were changed and added, albeit mostly in the EM2 core.vyzivus
EuroMath2 was slowly getting unmaintainable and its parts tightly coupled and badly documented. Therefore, three new libraries were spawned: IKSlibs, GENE and Schematic. You can access these projects from the link bar on the top.vyzivus
Release postponed until the maven2 build is fully working.vyzivus
EuroMath2 is now built with Maven2. A howto is available, you can learn how to build Eclipse plugins with Maven2 here:
I had to remove the ImageToEPSExporter because the backend library (epsgraphics.jar; is no longer available freely. Personally, I don't think anybody will pay 39 pounds for 3 classes. Oh well.vyzivus
Unfortunately I had to move the release date to 3rd may because the guys that develop the editor's GUI don't have time to contribute to this project. They'll be back at 1st april so stay tuned for a major release in may :)vyzivus
I toyed with DOM pointers a bit, and a small framework for cut/copy/insert of DOM intervals/interval sets is emerging slowly. I need more time to rethink some issues and tie it with the validation system.vyzivus
GENE is now partially multithreaded.vyzivus
FOP upgraded to the 0.90alpha1 version.vyzivus
XML document can now be exported into the following formats: PostScript (PS), Hewlett-Packard PCL, FrameMaker MIF, Rich Text Format document (RTF), Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), Plain text document, Portable Network Graphics bitmap format and Targa TIFF bitmap format.vyzivus
All classes are now commented, project is refactored and prepared for further feature-adding.kollar studva
XSLTC was removed - generated classes crashed and behaved pretty randomly. I believe that Xalan hates eclipse classloader system but I didn't had time/will to investigate further.vyzivus
Massive refactoring of selections.studva

Release 1.3.1 - 7.11.2005

Multiple editors are now shown, one for each output nametree. There are two editors available: XSL-FO editor to edit anything transformable to XSL-FO, and a read-only Image editor to edit everything else (MathML, SVG, ...).studva
GUI controls and menus are now (again :) available directly from the editor view and the outline view.kollar
GENE bugfixes and modifications.vyzivus
EuroMath2 now works with Eclipse 3.1.1.vyzivus
The EuroMath2 core is now finally decoupled from FOP and XSL-FO editor. This editor now resides in its own plugin.vyzivus
Library references refactored - each plugin now contains libraries needed by itself. The XMLBase plugin was removed and common libraries were moved to the core plu gin.vyzivus

Release 1.3.0 - 3.10.2005

The project finally became a platform for developing XML editors. Editor and renderer interfaces are introduced for editors and renderers to implement them. Some things are still not clear enough though, for example the communication standard between renderer and editor.vyzivus
New export and editing engine (GENE).vyzivus
FO editor was refactored to new engine and is now available as an IEditor and IRenderer implementation.studva
GUI improvements - editor finally supports selections, inplace text typing; context menu now offers insertable elements.studva
Wizards revisited and reimplemented; export wizard modified for GENE engine.vyzivus
XHTML editing support (very lame at the moment, we are waiting for FOP 1.0 to be released ;)vyzivus

Release 1.2.1 - 31.3.2005

Available as standalone application (Eclipse RCP Application)vyzivus
Export to PDF finally working (more or less).vyzivus
New document can be created using a wizard.vyzivus
Finally better error-handling (each error is logged in workspace/.metadata/.log file).vyzivus

Release 1.2.0 - 18.12.2004

New XML export system design.vyzivus
Kernel support for cut/copy/paste .vyzivus
Kernel support for creating new documents.vyzivus
User config files, automatically loaded from ${HOME}/.emConfig.xml.vyzivus
Support for entities containing elements aswell.vyzivus

Release 1.1.9 - 3.9.2004

This is the first public project release.vyzivus