EuroMath2 can be made to understand your shiny new document type. Most often you'll want to register schema for your namespace and a XSLT stylesheet transforming document with the namespace to a XSL-FO document. Read this section to know how to develop XSLT stylesheet to be interoperable with EuroMath2.

When your schema and stylesheet files are ready, you need to register your new namespace. Simply create a new namespace element in the main config file (although you are encouraged to use your custom config file).

There are some conventions you should adhere. You should put your schema and stylesheet files into path resembling the namespace. For example, we are going to transform EuroMath1 document. In EuroMath2 it has the namespace. We shall place a stylesheet to /sk/uniba/euromath/document/2001/article/toLaTeX_A5.xsl file, and a schema file to /sk/uniba/euromath/document/2001/article/em1.xsd. Please note: your stylesheet can be placed anywhere, it may even be on your website - the location is an URL address.

Creating exporters/XSLT

EuroMath2 uses GENE as its transformation engine and inherits all its properties, including id and parameter names. You should therefore check out the Developer Section for more info on writing XSLT stylesheets.