Custom config file

A smart idea is to place your custom schema and stylesheet files to your home directory. You may place your files into $HOME/EuroMath (c:\Documents and Settings\username\EuroMath, respectively).

To register these files, just create (or edit) the $HOME/.emConfig.xml (c:\Documents and Settings\username\.emConfig.xml, respectively - note the starting dot) from this template:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<config xmlns="">
    <schema-root>EuroMath/schema</schema-root>  <!-- place your custom location here. Directory
                is relative to your home directory. Relative references are rooted to this directory. -->
    <stylesheet-root>EuroMath/stylesheet</stylesheet-root>  <!-- place your custom location here -->
        <desc>Converts to XSL-FO</desc>

This is your private configuration file. Each setting effectively overrides setting in the global configuration file. See the global configuration file for details.

This registers a XSLT stylesheet for EM article document. Full path to the stylesheet is c:\Documents and Settings\username\EuroMath\stylesheet\sk\uniba\euromath\document\2001\article\tofo.xsl. You may use the absolute URL address, like

<target-uri> containing namespace of the document that you shall produce (the target namespace). You may find some preddefined constants here.