Name Extension point Interface to implement
Coordinator sk.uniba.euromath.ICoordinatorFactory ICoordinatorFactory

Coordinator receives output provided by the exporters and converts it into desired output file format. One coordinator should produce one class of documents only.

Built-in coordinators

There are three built-in coordinators:

  • the XSL-FO coordinator, residing in sk.uniba.euromath.fop plugin, accepting XSL-FO, SVG, JPG and PNG
  • XHTML coordinator accepting XHTML, JPG, PNG (MathML and SVG support is configurable)
  • LaTeX coordinator accepting tex and EPS


It is coordinator's responsibility to grant correct identifiers to object that this coordinator wraps. You may use the postprocessing utilities or you may handle it yourself. Generally, if you receive DOM result, you may postprocess the result node in the finishExport() method of the ICoordinator interface. If you receive SAX result, you may wrap your content handler in a filter and provide this filter as a result of ICoordinator's startExport() method.