Name Extension point Interface to implement
Exporter sk.uniba.euromath.IExporterFactory IExporterFactory

Exporters are nodes in the GENE export graph, simply processing one document and producing another.

Built-in exporters

For each XSLT stylesheet defined in the config file there is an exporter. Moreover, there are exporters converting ImageRef to SVG, EPS and PNG, a SVG exporter to ImageRef, and a MathML exporter to ImageRef.


It is exporter's responsibility to grant correct identifiers when needed. You may use the preprocessing utilities or you may handle it yourself. Generally, if you receive DOM result, you may postprocess the source node in the beginning of export() method implementation of the IExporter interface. If you receive SAX result, you may wrap your content handler in a filter and set this filter to the SAXSource.getXMLReader() in your implementation of IExporter's export() method.

For further requirements please see the rules for XSLT scripts.

For more information please see the IExporter's javadoc.